Sivil Havacılık Kabin Hizmetleri

Sivil Havacılık Kabin Hizmetleri

With the rapid development of technology nowadays, civil aviation is also developing rapidly. In particular, air transport to compete with the private sector has gained importance in the 90s continued with increasing momentum grew in the years and today has become the service sector received the largest share. These developments and the regulations existing in the civil aviation sector, is to encourage the participation of an increasing number of sectors in the airline. Aviation industry develops at the same time that the need for qualified personnel needed by the sector is increasing.

Civil Aviation Cabin Services Associate Program at Altinbas University was established part of the aviation sector needed to meet the need for qualified personnel in the field to train staff trained by experts. In this program, who knows well the civil aviation sector, can communicate effectively, efficiently located in team work, problem solving skills and have the leadership skills, qualified personnel are to be preferred by the airline aimed to train.


Career Prospects: Students who graduate from Civil Aviation Cabin Services Program can work in all kinds of institutions and organizations related to civil aviation such as national and international airline companies, airports serving domestic and foreign passengers serving in public and private sectors.

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