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The process of determining which class, field, branch or department in our country are equivalent to the documents obtained from the primary and secondary education institutions in Turkey and abroad, and the schools established by private education institutions and embassies at international primary and secondary education levels in Turkey, is called equivalence.


Who Can Apply?

Those who study at private education institutions at the international primary and secondary educational level and at the schools opened by embassies in the country and at the primary and secondary education institutions in Turkey and abroad can apply.


Online Application System:

E-Equivalence Module: It is the system where equivalence procedures are carried out electronically and the information is kept.

Online application are carried out on the following page; https://edenklik.meb.gov.tr/


You can start your application process by clicking the online application section on the page that opens:


When uploading your application to the system, we recommend that you check the required documents tab for application.


After clicking the online application, you will see the following screen:


On this page, you should fill in all the information in order, pass the steps and come to the date selection section at the last stage.

Parts to be filled:

  1. Personal Information
  2. Document
  3. Equivalency Center
  4. Appointment


Documents Required for Application:

1. Just one of the following documents: Identity card, residence permit, temporary protection document, international protection applicant identity document, international protection status holder identity document, stateless person identity document, passport

2. Turkish translations certified by a notary public or the Republic of Turkey Foreign Representatives
(In case notary procedures are made abroad, the relevant documents must be approved by the Turkish Consulates.)

For mid-years students;

School report, school certificate or if available, diploma approved by the school for the last year that has been received Education

For graduates;

Diploma or document that applicants are entitled to receive a diploma with apostille, in the absence of apostille, approved by the ministry of education, the ministry of foreign affairs or the embassy.
(These documents must be completely uploaded in a way that approval/seal will appear clear. Otherwise, the equivalence procedures will be canceled during the application. Also, if required, the transcripts of the previous years may be requested from the applicant by the equivalency centers.)

It is important that you pay attention to the accuracy of the information entered in order for the evaluation to proceed smoothly. It is important to choose the appropriate date and time at the final stage of the application. You are expected to be at the center and hour you have chosen on this date.


Documents requested from the applicants within the scope of the special case:

1.Those who cannot submit their documents due to war, disaster and/or asylum,
2.Those who have "International Protection Status Holder Identity Document" or "International Protection Applicant Identity Document"
3.If the education documents are not available, it is enough to upload only the mentioned documents for applicants with the decision of an education measure by a court judgement.


In addition to these, if there are the following situations, they should be added considering;

1.Identity card/passport of the mother/father for those under the age of 18,
2. Original and approved translation (if necessary) of the parent consent letter, university pre-registration document/student certificate for applicants who are under the age of 18 and will register in the university,
3. Original and approved translation of the custody document proofing that the student custody is in the applicant for those whose parents got divorced.
4.If there is a change in the surname in the education certificate and identity card/passport due to reasons such as marriage, divorce, the marriage certificate and/or identity register copy must be uploaded.

Due to the rotation and personnel change, there are some problems with the appointment planning in the newly opened equivalence centers. For this reason, the dates and times may not appear. In this case, you can make an appointment at another equivalence center you want without any restrictions.

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