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Useful Links for Students


Welcome to the Student Support Center at Altınbaş University, your one-stop destination for essential resources, services, and insights into university life. Explore the various sections below to access useful links, discover student services, and learn more about student life at our university.


1. EWI: Student Information System

Access the complete student information system for course registration, grades, schedules, and more.


Go to EWI Student Information System


2. Altinbas E-Mail

Manage your university email account for official communications and notifications.


Access Altinbas E-Mail


3. UZEM Distance Learning Center

Log in to the Distance Education Center for online courses, resources, and virtual classrooms.


Visit UZEM Distance Learning Center


4. E-Library Resources

Explore a wide range of e-library resources including eBooks, journals, and research databases.


Access E-Library Resources


5. RESET ALTINBAŞ: Password Reset Center

Easily reset your university account password.


Go to RESET ALTINBAŞ: Password Reset Center


6. Academic Calendar

Stay updated with important academic dates, holidays, and events.


View Academic Calendar


7. GlobalAltinbas – ERASMUS+ and Alumni Relations

Explore international opportunities, ERASMUS+ programs, and alumni relations.


Explore GlobalAltinbas


8. Student Resources

Access petitions, forms, rules, and regulations related to student affairs. Student Resources at Altınbaş University encompass a wide range of support services and resources essential for students' academic success and well-being. This includes access to petitions and forms for various administrative needs, comprehensive information on university rules and regulations, and additional resources aimed at aiding students in navigating their academic journey effectively. These resources are designed to empower students with the necessary tools and information to achieve their academic goals and thrive in their university experience.


Access Student Resources


9. Related Departments

Explore various university departments such as Library, Student Affairs, Career Center, and more. The Related Departments at Altınbaş University play a vital role in supporting students' academic and personal development. The Library offers extensive resources for research and study, while Student Affairs provides guidance and assistance for various student needs. The Career Center offers valuable resources for career planning and job search, and the Learning Center provides academic support services. Additionally, the Health Center promotes student well-being, Exchange Programs facilitate international experiences, and Internship/CO-OP opportunities enhance practical learning. The Ombudsman ensures fairness and accountability across campus, collectively contributing to a well-rounded and enriching educational experience for students.


Explore Related Departments


10. Student Life

Discover student council activities, clubs, support services, and campus amenities. Student Life at Altınbaş University encompasses a vibrant array of opportunities and support services aimed at enhancing the overall student experience. From active participation in the Student Council, diverse engagement in various Student Clubs and Teams, to access to Psychological Support and resources for addressing addiction challenges, the university strives to create a supportive and inclusive environment. Additionally, the Disabled Students Support Unit ensures accessibility and inclusivity for all students, while amenities like the Dormitory, Shuttle services, and Food Menu cater to practical needs, fostering a holistic and enriching campus life experience.


Explore Student Life


11. Dean Of Sudents Ofice

The Dean of Students Office at Altınbaş University provides a wide range of services and support, including peer coaching, scholarships, student clubs, sports teams, accessibility accommodations, counseling, transportation assistance, academic advising, campus events, and resources for both undergraduate and graduate students. It serves as a central hub for enhancing the student experience, promoting academic success, and fostering a supportive and inclusive campus community.
Connect with the Dean of Students Office for academic support and student services.


Connect with Dean of Students Office

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