Fundamental purpose of dental education is to help our students transform into dental professionals and a member of healthcare team; make sure that, after graduation, they will show a holistic approach to patient care, be fully aware that oral conditions have a direct impact on overall health and disease, take effective and preventive medicine measures when delivering dental services; and ensure that they will be capable of using clinical judgment and decision-making skills, have the necessary skills to diagnose, treat and prevent the oral health problems and disease both at individual and collective levels.

Another important objective is to help our students maintain their dental competencies by teaching them to learn and making sure that they adopt the lifelong learning as a core principal.


Career Prospects: Employment opportunities exist in general or specialist dental practice, public sector dental health, hospital dental clinics, education and research. Many graduates choose to continue their education with the aim of becoming a specialist in one area within dentistry such as Orthodontics, Periodontology or Prosthodontics.

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