Rules and Regulations

It is always beneficial to take a look at the rules and regulations of the university before application and registration in order to be familiar with them

According to University regulations, each person whose registration has been completed will be considered a student of Altinbas University during the term for which s/he is registered unless the student's connection with the University is officially severed by withdrawal or otherwise. All the students are obliged to follow the rules and regulations of the university.

Some of the bylaws and directives of the university are as follows;


Bylaws on Associate and Undergraduate Degree Education

Altinbas University Guest House Directive

Scholarship Directive

Altinbas University Student Clubs Directive

Education & Training And Assessment in Medical Education Directive

Student Handbook

Information Package for International Students-2019/2020


Please note that, bylaws and directives of the university are not limited to above listed ones. You may find more regulations on the spesific issues at the main website of the university.

Please also note that these English translations are for information purposes only. In the event that a dispute should arise about the interpretation of the provisions contained herein and the provisions contained in the original Turkish documents, the Turkish provisions shall prevail.

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