Program Information: At Altinbas University Law School, we have designed a law education that will combine the positive aspects of both the traditional and modern methods of legal teaching. We will train lawyers capable of doing business in an international environment by means of our comparative and transnational law courses and international Exchange programs, besides traditional legal education. Law education will not be only normative; students will also gain the ability to apply legal norms to problems of real life with the help of practice studies in various subjects, case studies and court decisions. The Law School aims to train lawyers who adopt the culture of law, who have a strong sense of justice and ethical values and who are capable of reflecting this sense of justice in every kind of legal relationship.


Career Prospects: If you qualify as a lawyer, you can work in a number of different legal practices. The widest case loads come from lawyer practices, which cover criminal, family, probate and business law. Opportunities are also available through local and national government and large organizations often have in-house legal teams.


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