Health Insurance

According to Law no. 6458 on Foreigners and International Protection, International Students, who are not covered by General Health Insurance System under Law no. 5510 on the Social Insurance under Universal Health Insurance, should have private health insurance covering inpatient/outpatient treatment and medical expenses. This means that, in order to apply for a residence permit, international students need to either purchase a health insurance in Turkey or present a social security agreement exemption document. Please also see the information on residence permit.

If you are a citizen of one of the above mentioned countries, you need to get the social security agreement exemption document (or proof of coverage under the above mentioned agreements) from the social security authorities of your country.

For the ones who need a private health insurance, the minimum coverage requirements are as follows;


  Contracted Institutions Contracted Institution Non Contracted Institutions Non Contracted Institutions
Coverage Limit of Coverage Contribution Limit of Coverage Contribution
Inpatient Treatment Unlimited None 20,000 TL 20%
Outpatient Treatment 2000 TL 40% 2000 TL 40%


You can get such an insurance policy in Turkey through various insurance companies. You will be provided with assistance to purchase the health insurance during the orientation week, if you choose to get the insurance from the company that the university works with. For the minimum coverage insurance policy, the special prices for our students from the mentioned company are as follows;


Between the ages of 6-17: 200 TL per year

Between the ages of 18-25-6: 165 TL per year

Between the ages of 27-35: 200 TL per year

Between the ages of 36-40: 240 TL per year

Between the ages of 41-50: 320 TL per year


Please note that, to be able to get the health insurance, you need to have a tax number in Turkey. You may obtain your tax number from any tax office in Turkey. The nearest tax office to the University is the Gunesli Tax Office (Şirinevler Mahallesi Barbaros Caddesi Bahçelievler Maliye Kompleksi No:3 Bahçelievler). Our international office assists the students to obtain a tax number during the orientation week.

If you are bringing your own health insurance from your home country or if you have an insurance policy that you/your home institution bought outside of Turkey you should show written certification in Turkish that your coverage is sufficient. This document is required for your residence permit application. Currently there is only one way to get this certification:

If your insurance company has a local branch/agent operating in Turkey, they can provide you the certification letter in Turkish. Please check before coming to Turkey whether this applies to you. The certification should have the following statement:
"İşbu poliçe 6/6/2014 tarih ve 9 sayılı İkamet İzni Taleplerinde Yaptırılacak Özel Sağlık Sigortalarına İlişkin Genelge'de belirlenen asgari teminat yapısını kapsamaktadır."

which basically states that your insurance policy is in compliance with the minimum requirements of the mandate for obtaining a residence permit in Turkey.

After getting the residence permit, you may register for the General Health Insurance (GHI) as well. Students who are covered by GHI may apply to state and contracted private hospitals with their Foreign National Number as long as they have paid their premium. No payment is required at state and contracted hospitals if you are covered by GHI and the patient share for medications is 20%. Therefore, we highly recommend you to cover yourself with GHI as well.

In order to register for GHI, international students must apply to the Social Security Directorate or to the Social Security Center of the district in which the student resides within 3 months after they obtain their Foreign National Number. After registration at the SSI (Social Security Institution), and once they deposit the GHI premium to the bank they become insured. Students have to pay this premium determined as the minimum amount annually as long as their education continues. This annual amount is about 500 TL. Every year there is an increment in the premium amount after January. Students are responsible for being aware of and pay this amount. The premium may be deposited in the relevant accounts at Vakıflar Bank, Ziraat Bank and Halk Bank by stating the Foreign National Identity Number.

Please note that students who do not apply for the GHI within the 3-month legal period for application may not benefit from this right afterwards. Therefore students are strongly advised not to ignore this procedure.

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