As with all institutions of the justice system informed about legal procedures in all areas of working life need strong people who have versatile communication capabilities. We have knowledge of programs and target the areas where we prepare our graduates to have the skills as well as different applications. Advantageous use of computers in the business environment and judges to office applications, making presentations and prepared to train educated people about professional correspondence. In particular, we try to offer our students outside of elective courses in intellectual and artistic fields to express themselves, develop.


Career Prospects: Our Alumnis are preferred people in a work life of the public and private sectors like in courthouse, in law office and in notary office. Students who graduate from this program if they wish, can go on their law degree programs with OSYM Exam (DGS) or go on directly as a student at the Anadolu University Open Education Faculties of Labor Economics and Industrial Relations, Economics, Public Administration, Finance, International Relations, Business, Accommodation Management undergraduate programs. We invite you to develop your individual qualifications with our experienced staff.

Program Details