Jewelry Design

Students in the Jewelry Design Program learn to build and develop the jewelry they design by using a diligent and methodological effort while being informed of how to position the products they design in the market. Furthermore, they will be able to strengthen their standing through the exhibits, competitions and trainee programs that they participate in. Professional technical knowledge is developed by courses in metallurgy, a field in which metal and crystal structures are examined, computer aided design, and gemology. The Jewelry Design Program aims to produce graduates who are capable of meeting the needs of the jewelry design industry in nationally and internationally competitive markets and excel with their professional competence, aesthetic appreciation, and contemporary creativity and innovativeness.


Career Prospects: Jewelry designers design and often make jewelry using a variety of materials, including gold, silver and precious stones. Many designers try to boost their reputation by networking, entering competitions and attending craft fairs. Other activities include consulting with galleries, store buyers and suppliers, and researching jewelry and fashion trends.

Program Details