Child Development

Child Development; being the basic period of individual's life is childhood, child development has been today's one of the most interesting field. During this period, acquired skills and learned behaviors will affect the entire life of the individual. Therefore, there is an increasing need for professionals who have the right information and who also can produce new information and who can transfer this knowledge. Considering this need and the importance of first educational experience; our main purpose is to train professionals who knows child development area very well, who can contribute this field, who loves children and willing to work with children, loving, attentive, caring, confident, self-motivated, inquisitive, teamwork oriented, who has strong communication and who is equipped with the skills to follow the innovations.


Career Prospects: Graduates can find job oppurtunities in various institutions: pre-school education, child care and social services departments. They can also work as teacher’s aide, counselor, childcare worker.

Program Details