İlk ve Acil Yardım

İlk ve Acil Yardım

The aim of our primary and emergency program is to train health personnel who will be able to provide life-saving and disabling medical intervention possibilities by giving treatment and care services to be applied at the scene after an accident or sickness and to carry them to the hospital with ambulance equipped with sick or wounded person. Graduates who are titled as ''Paramedic'' are able to make quick and correct decisions, health care staff who can use ambulance when they need to inform the patients or deliver to a health institution with the help of an ambulance, who can receive information from their relatives and examine the situation of the patient and its environment and determine the problem and can apply first aid techniques when necessary. With the help of our program, our students will have the necessary equipment in two years of training.

The first aid department is located in our Bakırköy campus, the center of Istanbul.

If your goal is to be noticed and preferred, we expect you to have the competence to gain this competency.


Career Prospects: Graduates of this program take the title "health technician" or "paramedic". They can work in emergency service in public and private hospitals, health care organizations. In addition, ambulances and hospitals, emergency services, emergency care doctors, allied health personnel, and emergency assistance when required ambulance patient transport ambulance, air and sea ambulances.

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